We have pretty much filled up all spaces available in our jampacked performance schedule. However, if you feel you have an offer we cannot refuse, then of course we’d like to hear about it!

Applications for the 2016 festival are still open for the following gigs:

  • Concert performance / workshop host (our schedule is pretty much full up so make us an offer we cannot refuse!)
  • Community concert day (ukulele clubs, schools and other big groups performing with ukulele)

If you are interested in performing at the 2016 festival, please fill out the form below.

We are looking forward to hearing from ukulele clubs, schools, solo acts, duos, bands, workshop hosts, buskers, the lot!

Please provide us with lots of information. Some comments regarding the requested and required information can be found below this form.

* Please describe your act in detail. Style of music, how many performers (approximately) there are in your act and so forth.If you are a workshop host, please submit the title and a description of the workshop contents (and workshop length).

** The 2016 core festival dates are 25-28 August.

*** Please detail whether you would like to perform a set or multiple sets, enter into a competition or in a showcase style event (usually a limited number of songs) or do a workshop. If you feel your act works best in an intimate setting, or on a big stage, etc. let us know. Would you like to busk or get up in an open mic session? Great! Drop us a line as well!

**** Please note that the community event is a free event and performances on this day in the main festival area are not remunerated. Money cannot buy the experience of being part of this! Please also bear in mind that we are a small festival with limited budget. The lower your fee, the more chance of getting the gig! We are open to all kinds of proposals, e.g. door deals (where possible), flat fees, or percentages. In some cases we may be able to help out with flights and accommodation, but again, our resources are limited.

***** Please tell us what you think you will need. E.g. DIs, mics, music stands, chairs, bass amp, etc. Please do not include PA equipment usage/hire in your performance / workshop fee.

Thank you for your interest in performing at the next Cairns Ukulele Festival!