Kala Opening Night and Ohana Open Mic


Tonight, following the packed out Maton Songwriters on the Waterfront, we shall head upstairs to the Hilton 6 Degrees Bar.

In the foyer bar area, enjoy music by Hardey McMurrick, GJ Lee, and 2.5 Wise Men. From Taiwanese music, to instrumental and ukulele classics, their styles couldn’t be more different!

In the 6 Degrees area, there will be a plethora of festival acts for you to enjoy and get a taste for what is yet to come!

Kala shall have a display with some fine ukes for you to try out as well.

Then, we will kick on with the Ohana Open Mic session downstairs near the ballroom. Grab a drink at the foyer bar and come on down for a blackboard session; first in best dressed, 2 songs each. We will have an open mic session there every night.

There will be an Ohana ukulele lucky door prize every night!

The Ohana Open Mic nights shall be hosted by Craig Chee, Sarah Maisel and Kamuke Magazine’s Cameron Murray.

See you there!


Cameron Murray

Join the ‘world’s largest ukulele marching band’!

Cairns Festival Botanic Gardens

Cairns Festival Parade

Cairns Ukulele Festival is inviting all ukulele players to join Cairns Festival 2016 Grand Parade by becoming a part of the ’World’s Largest Ukulele Marching Band’.

Nicky Bomba, Festival artist and Melbourne Ska Orchestra front man, will lead the band creating a colourful spectacle that will wind its way along the Cairns Esplanade from 5:30pm. With spectators gathering in their thousands, organisers are expecting 20,000 people will line the Esplanade to cheer on a creative collection of floats showcasing Cairns, its lifestyle and magical surroundings that define the community’s sense of place.

The ‘World’s Largest Ukulele Marching Band will exemplify the true Cairns spirit of colour, happy go lucky attitude, Tropicana, fun and inclusiveness.

For more information, please head to the festival web site. 

(Ukulele Clubs performing during the Community Concert Day, your band leader shall be contacted to coordinate logistics and timings)

Introducing: G.J. Lee from Taiwan


We are pleased to be able to present our first ever artist from Taiwan, G.J. Lee!

08907.jpgWell-known in his home country of Taiwan, G.J.’s performances are, as he describes it, “characterised by a richness of emotion and meticulous detail”. Not only interested in the ukulele itself, but also the greater world of music, he has arranged many familiar tunes for the ukulele. He plays a variety of music, including classical, folk, animation and film music, and Eastern and Western pop music, among other genres. His goal is to touch people’s hearts through music, as he believes music is always an effective way to connect with people.

G.J. will perform traditional Taiwanese music on his ukulele during the World Music Dinner Friday August 26th. You’ll also be able to catch him during the Kala Opening Night at the Hilton Thursday August 25th.

In case you were wondering what G.J. stands for, it is in fact “good job”, as he explains, “I always expect myself to do a “Good Job” when performing my own music”. We’re sure he’ll be doing just that during this year’s Cairns Ukulele Festival!