In this two day workshop, you will have fun with some of the KoAloha crew, while assembling your very own genuine KoAloha ukulele. We will be sweating, sanding, and gluing, and learning along the way. Bring your smiles and expect to have a great time. At the end of day two, you will be the owner of a brand new custom built KoAloha ukulele!

The Cairns Ukulele Festival is extremely proud to be hosting another 2-day ukulele building workshop, facilitated by the good guys from KoAloha Ukuleles, Hawaii!

Established by Alvin Okami in the mid-nineties, KoAloha is one of the most respected ukulele brands in the world, known for their craftmanship, tone and also unique aesthetics.  Many of our ukulele festival performers play KoAloha, including Daniel Ho and Herb Ohta Jr.

Alvin’s sons Alan and Paul Okami will be conducting this workshop with KoAloha builder Keith as a one-off for the Cairns Ukulele Festival, giving you the exclusive opportunity to gain a rare insight into the ukulele building process, ukulele set-up, with the added bonus of owning your custom built KoAloha ukulele at the end of it!

This workshop is designed for absolute beginners, people with little or no woodworking experience, and is suitable for ages 10 and over (under 14’s need to be supervised by an adult). The wood used is Hawaiian koa and mahogany for the neck, your choice between a soprano or concert scale neck.

Ukulele building classes are great fun and allow you to learn new skills, make new friends, and also offer a great opportunity for parents and children to undertake an activity together during the school holidays. This is a unique way to build your own top notch ukulele under tutelage of Hawaiian experts!

Dates: Wednesday  24 August and and Thursday 25 August
Times: 9am-12pm and 1pm-3pm both days
Location: TBA
Cost: $800 (soprano) / $1000 (concert) / $1200 (tenor)

To book, please follow this link. 


If you’d like to register your interest in building a KoAloha Ukulele but aren’t ready to book yet, please fill out the form below and we’ll get in touch with you. 

For more information on KoAloha Ukuleles, click here


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  5. Hi, Will it be possible to install a pick-up as part of the build? If so, do we bring one or buy one in Cairns. Also, what’s the situation with cases? Thanks.

    • Hi Bob, the boys have just confirmed they will add a special section to the uke build this year on pickup installation if you’re interested. It will be a demonstration only, but following this you will know how to do it yourself. Cases are not included in the price (but there will be plenty of cases available from the ukulele vendors at the festival and local stores)

  6. hi, see that you say you’ll be doing tenor ukes as well,, “The wood used is Hawaiian koa and mahogany for the neck, your choice between a soprano or concert scale neck”. , just a question on that, will the tenor have a tenor size neck ??

    thanks. ken.

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