The Cairns Ukulele Festival is pleased to support an exciting opportunity for teachers and leaders of ukulele groups, facilitated by AUTLA.

AUTLA (pronounced Outlaw!) is the Australian Ukulele Teachers and Leaders Association Inc., an association to support and promote ukulele in the community and as a way of teaching music in schools. You can check out the aims of AUTLA at

Session 1: Ukulele Leader ‘Group Therapy’: It happened to me!

AUTLA is providing a forum for leaders to share their stories and solutions to those tricky little challenges that constantly crop up. Have you had a group member that causes you grief? We’ll find out from others how they manage that and at the same time support them.
You will also:
• take-home resources provided on the day
• play and sing some songs
• share stories of how you work with your groups
• share material and tips on how to get your group singing with confidence and in harmony.
• use imitation as a way to teach the tricky bits and much more!

Date: 25 August
Venue: Ohana Club Venue at Hilton (meeting room 6)
Time: 10.30am to 1pm.

Session 2: Stories from the chalkface: Teaching music with ukuleles

For music teachers the AUTLA afternoon session will provide a forum to discuss and share successful school, ukulele-based music programs. On display will be all the available school ukulele resources, especially Australian resources that have local content in the repertoire. These will include Primary Ukulele (Danielle Scott, Newcastle), I Can Play Ukulele (Rafayard, South Australia), Ukulele4Kids (Yanai Morris, Melbourne), Green Crocs Eat Ants (Nathan Cahill, Bundaberg) and Dragon Uke (Anu Grace, Townsville).
You will come away with some easy to teach arrangements for school ukulele groups, participate in discussions about how your programs operate, what works and what doesn’t and what approach to take.

Date: 25 August
Venue: TBC in or near the festival venues
Time: 1.30pm – 4.30pm

Bring your uke, music stand and a pencil! Refreshments will be available in the venue or surrounding in local cafes.
Cost: Each Session: $20 or both sessions for $30
Special deal for Cairns Ukulele Festival: Your workshop fee will count towards an AUTLA 2016/17 membership fee. Come to both sessions and get a free AUTLA membership for 2016/17.
Already an AUTLA member? Your session fee is @ 50% discount! $10 or $15 for both.

Registration: Register online at and you will receive an email with direct deposit directions.