It’s going to be one great big ukulele extravaganza at the Cape York Hotel with a footpath jam at the front and the Australian Ukulele Showcase at the back.

Various acts from around the country will take dining room stage and perform a short of their best material.

Expect a plethora of musical styles from laid back Aussie bush to high energy rock and roll.

The show runs between 11am and 2pm (so plenty of time to get to Taimane’s concert which is within walking distance):

11.00 Terry Sasaki
11.20 Sidney and Christian Ravoi
11.40 Nick Bennett
12 Girt by C
12.20 Awomadah Fig
12.40 Robyn Locke
1 Savoir Plunk
1.20 Hannah Walker


More about the Luna Australian Ukulele Showcase Performers:

Awomadah Fig

Awomadah fig is a whistler, singer songwriter, story teller, combining ukulele, distortion and wah wah pedal with a voice that lilts, growls, belts and soars. She plays gypsy jazz influenced,soul,folk original songs. She’s been performing as a soloist on guitar for nigh on 20 years. For the past 4 yrs she’s been performing with Melbourne 5 piece The Monday Project and engrossed in ukuleles. Writing new tunes, transcribing old tunes and transforming covers on her favourite tenor ukulele. Her voice has been described as playfully articulate in a non conventional way… timeless…hypnotic.
When given the time Awomadah likes to have the audience help build her set by means of paper aeroplanes. Song titles are written on the paper aeroplanes that Awomadah randomly selects (from her hat or uke case) and flies them out to the audience. The audience member calls out the song and the set is built. There may also be a ‘chatterbox’ or as she likes to call them, an ‘AwoomaGami’ to assist,with audience participation, in selecting a choice cover song or two to perform.

Girt by C

GIRT BY C is Peter Ransom’s take on our musical past via the ukulele. He began performing in Melbourne in the ‘60s, singing and playing guitar and banjo, graduating through folk music and jug bands to the world of traditional jazz. For many years he led his own jazz bands and played in others, with gigs all over Australia. Nowadays the ukulele, banjo and their evil offspring, the banjo uke, occupy much of his time and he’s developed a diverse and quirky repertoire. There’s early pop, rock, jazz, latin, blues and country plus classics from stage shows and movies of yesteryear. Beneath it all lurks an undercurrent of fun. So this is GIRT BY C: no original tunes and none of your Tipperary/Old Kit Bag/Vera Lynn/George Formby or Tiny Tim. Just seriously good songs from the past. If you’ve got a few miles on the clock you’ll enjoy a raft of songs that’ll have you remembering, smiling, singing and playing along – perhaps on stage! Come prepared!

Hannah Walker

Hannah first burst onto the ukulele scene in Cairns as a brave young girl with red uke busking at Rusty’s markets in 2010. She is now all grown up and still performs and writes her own music.

Nick Bennett

Nick Bennett is a Sydney ukulele player specialising in Kentucky Thumbstyle picking as played by the guitar greats Chet Atkins and Merle Travis.Then met Col Joye at a party about 15 years ago and Col mesmerised the crowd on ukulele. Nick’s transition to the dark side began that night with Col strumming a beautiful koa Kumale. Nick busks most sunny days at Circular Quay, enjoying the busking culture and camaraderie of the Quay buskers. He plays gigs on Sydney’s harbour and river cruises. He also teaches ukulele and plays plug in rhythm for the fabulous UkeEast Big Band. Nick has been busy in the studio too, and with a solo album ready for Cairns , is toey and ready to fire up his uke again in FNQ.

Robyn Locke

Robyn Locke loves bringing her music to others and looks forward to sharing music with all. A great love of Australian modern music and music that works well on uke, let Robyn Locke take you on a mythical journey of life, love and adult whimsy.

Savoir Plunk

A 5 Piece band (2 girls, 3 guys), featuring ukuleles of various sizes, (including bass, banjouke, resonator, cajon, and a diverse range of percussion instruments (melodica, xylophone, shakers, vibraslap, tambourine, maracas, etc) with vocal harmonies. They play covers of many genres from the 60s and beyond, with the intention to entertain! “All killer, no filler!”

 Sidney and Christian Ravoi

Sidney (8) and Christian (12) are our youngest showcase performers of this festival and we look forward to hearing them strut their stuff!

Terry Sasaki

Terry plays romantic instrumental music on a 5-string ukulele in Ohta-san style.He first performed in public at the Cairns Ukulele Festival in 2011, and since then has been well received at various festivals around the country. We look forward to welcoming him back on stage this year!

Thanks also to Aquila for their support

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