Guess who Sarah Maisel is putting in her suitcase?


Craig Chee returns to Cairns!

Craig Chee, originally from Hawaii, but now hailing from Oregon, has become a true member of the Cairns Ukulele Festival family with his boisterous laugh, party attitude, and of course his fantastic musicianship! Over the years, we have seen Craig grow as a performer and we look forward to seeing what he’s cooked up for this year’s gigs, particularly with Sarah with whom he’s been working on some very special musical surprises!

Craig will be performing during the Eddy Finn Ukulele Mystery Tour (see below) with Sarah Maisel and others, and with his band during the Ukulele Party Night, held Saturday 6th July at the Union Jack.

A note from Craig on his return to Cairns:

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“I cannot believe how fast time flies. My first trip to Cairns [in 2011] was very special. That was when I decided I was going to dedicate myself to music. Music will be my job 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every decision will be made towards that goal. Looking back it seems it wasn’t much of a choice as I’ve been working toward that conclusion my whole life but in the moment, it was the scariest and most exciting point in my life.

 I am overjoyed to be returning again to Cairns. I’ve been working on some very special surprises with other performers. Expect bigger this year. I’m sure we will expand on all the great things that worked out in previous and experiment with new ones! The staff has shown year after year that they are determined to put on a great event and have been incredibly successful thus far. For repeat attendees, expect more. As you have grown as musicians, so have we as instructors. As your ears have been soaking in more lovely ukulele music, we have been honing our craft and expanded on our skill sets. I promise you will see many more unique collaborations this year. I also promise that Sarah Maisel will bake you cookies. Well… maybe not but you will fall in love with her (and her music!).”

Eddy Finn Ukulele Mystery Tour

Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee will be hosting the Eddy Finn Ukulele Mystery Tour. Join them, and other festival artists, on this crazy double decker bus tour, taking in the sights around Cairns, listening to concerts, jamming, meeting other festival go-ers and more! For more information and to book your seat on this tour, follow this link. Tickets sold out last year in no-time so book your spot today!


About cairnsukulelefestival

The Cairns Ukulele Festival is held in Cairns, North Queensland Australia. The festival runs for several days and comprises a range of events, such as tours of the region and concerts by ukulele royalty from around the globe. Venues are on the Great Barrier Reef, in tropical rainforest and have views over the Pacific Ocean.

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